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Focused coaching to develop your self-understanding, ability to influence, and behaviors for building psychologically safe and effective leaders and teams.


I coach experienced and emerging leaders to raise their self-awareness and deepen the deep soft skills on which leadership success depends.  This looks like:

  • Tap into what's intrinsically motivating them at this time of their lives and how to honor this within their current career trajectory and leadership priorities.

  • Understand the motivations of those their managing and connect with these motivations to keep their team members engaged;

  • Assess the maturity and capabilities of team members to step into roles with greater impact. This lets you see if everyone is best suited for the responsibilities they're performing, and how to plan for talent and team structure shifts to facilitate business goals;

  • Hire and build a team of psychologically mature managers and individual contributors;

  • Practicing on the way to mastering the five core behaviors that create highly effective and psychologically safe teams, departments, and organizations.

What does a coaching relationship look like?

Over six months, we partner together to develop your personal leadership practice, making your blind spots bright spots, building your deep soft skills practice, and aligning your career with your inner motivations. You'll learn, try out, and iterate in: 

  • Two, monthly 60-minute coaching sessions. These are are virtual, with off-sites and retreats possible;

  • Customized exercises that accelerate your learning and growth;

  • Email access Monday-Friday for challenges needing immediate attention and burning questions; and

  • Facilitated connections with a community of other leaders who similarly are developing strong personal leadership practices.

If you're ready, request a free consultation today:

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