1:1 coaching to develop your self-understanding and understanding of other people's personalities and maturity levels so you create a culture of trust, empathy and high-performance on your team.

Do you find that:

-grad or undergrad didn't actually teach you how to manage your emotions, thoughts, and reactions, let alone those of other people?

-your inner motivations are changing and you're not sure how to align them with your work?

-it's challenging to motivate others consistently to stay engaged, communicate clearly, and perform highly?

If you do, and you're ready to navigate these dynamics with understanding and purpose - then you're ready to a leader our world needs. I can help you.


I coach rising leaders to raise their self-awareness and deepen their social emotional skills so that they can lead trusting, inclusive and high-performing teams. Self-awareness is the foundation of all people skills. With it, and deep people skills, rising leaders go on to:

  • Tap into what's intrinsically motivating them at this time of their lives and take concrete action to live those values and dreams;

  • Understand the motivations of those their managing and connect with these motivations to keep their team members engaged and happy;

  • Assess their maturity and that of their team members. This lets you see if everyone is best suited for the responsibilities they're performing, and shift responsibilities where needed;

  • Hire and build a team of psychologically mature managers and individual contributors;

  • Understand different personalities so that you can build and run an inclusive and satisfied team. You'll learn what fears, desires, and patterns of thinking and behavior do each of the personalities have, and how to manage these personalities.

What does a coaching relationship look like?

Over six months, we partner together to develop your personal leadership practice, build your psychological and mindfulness based people skills and align you with your inner motivations. You'll learn, try out, and iterate in: 

  • Two, monthly 60-minute coaching sessions. These are a mix of virtual and in person if you're in the Bay Area. If you're located outside of the Bay Area, they are virtual;

  • Customized exercises that accelerate your learning and development;

  • Email access Monday-Friday for challenges needing immediate attention and burning questions;

  • Free access to leadership & development e-classes; and

  • Facilitated connections with a community of other rising leaders who similarly are developing strong personal leadership practices.

If you're ready, request a free consultation today: