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HR Leader and People Partner to Tech Leaders

Whether it is keeping your top team members engaged or influencing  executives, it is how you are being in each moment that defines who you are as a leader and the lasting impact you can create.


Day in, and day out.

I work within tech organizations - and out - with leaders to show up in integrity with who they want to be and to create the impact they want to create.





As a HR leader and strategic HR Business Partner, I support creative and talented executives, managers, and teams from Fortune 100s to startups to grow their people leadership capacities. We work together to cultivate self-awareness and social-emotional skills that limit miscommunications, create psychological safety, and gives you a proactive style of leadership.


Currently, working within Lyra Health, I am fortunate to partner with incredible people who are C-level executives to senior managers. Some of the leaders who I've coached and partnered with previously came from organizations like:


I'm Cecilia. Strategic business partner. Developer of leaders.

Your people are key to your and your organization's success. Solid funding and tech help too.


We know anectodally (and studies show) that people stay or leave their current companies because of the people. Specifically, because of leadership -  their relationships with their managers and their confidence in the organization's C-Suite. Knowing this -

How do you build and retain the high performing managers and just great people?

Structure your teams and departments to achieve annual/three-year objectives - and - your team members' career advancement?

Influence your colleagues, team members, and executives to achieve your goals up, down, and across?

Interested?  Let's talk.



Mindfulness-based social emotional learning techniques

Positive, analytical, growth-mindset, and constellation psychology, Co-Active Coaching, SHRM , and adult learning methodologies

Impactful People & Talent Management strategies & adult learning frameworks

Approach and Outcomes

What People Are Saying

"As someone who spends so much time considering how to model excellence in coaching, I consider one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a high-performing coach to be the manner by which they pull the learner along parts of the journey familiar to them, while allowing the learner to push them along theirs. Cecilia is both a leader and a learner, which brings new quality and nuance to every interaction. If you are seeking leadership coaching that takes you beyond the superficialities of style, and takes you into the subtleties of personality, psychodynamics and individual and collective motivation of individuals and organizations, then I would not hesitate to recommend considering Cecilia to join you on your journey." - Steven Webster, founder and CEO of Asensei

What People Are Saying

"Cecilia is a powerhouse! She is someone who truly cares about the success of the business & its employees. Cecilia wore multiple hats and delivered quality work consistently. Quick to find areas of opportunities, create clear plans for resolving issues or minimizing risk exposure, and communicating cross-functionally, Cecilia proved her ability to lead monumental initiatives from start to finish time and time again. She built strong relationships across the organization due to her dedication, empathy, ability to actively listen, and timely follow ups with appropriate resolutions. A lasting impression I will always have of Cecilia is her can-do attitude and the value she brought to the organization because of the caliber of leader she is."  - Lynnette Carrasco, VP of People Operations, Supernatural



Let's connect!

To learn how we can work together to build your and your team's people capacities, reach out via this form or send me a note here.

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