Relationship Coaching for People Leaders

Whether it's keeping a great team member engaged, or influencing colleagues to collaborate, managing work relationships can be stressful.


It doesn't need to be, though. It actually can become the best part of your job. 

And, fun.



As a leadership coach, facilitator, and strategic learning partner, I support creative and talented executives, managers, and teams from Fortune 100s to startups to grow their people leadership capacities. We work together to cultivate self-awareness and social-emotional skills that limit miscommunications, create psychological safety, and gives you a proactive style of leadership.


The managers and teams that I am fortunate to support include executives, VPs, directors, managers,and  leads, as well as engineering and product teams. They come from organizations like:

I'm Cecilia. I teach people leaders how to master their work relationships.

We know anectodally (and studies show) that people stay or leave a job because of the people. Specifically, because of leadership -  their managers and the organization's C-Suite.

Do you want to know how to retain the high performing and just great people on your team?

Resolve miscommunications within minutes?

Influence your colleagues across teams so that you and your people can achieve your goals up and down your OKRs?

If you are - let's talk.





Mindfulness-based social emotional learning techniques

Positive, analytical, growth-mindset, and constellation psychology, Co-Active Coaching, and adult learning methodologies

Time-tested adult learning frameworks like ADDIE, Bloom's Taxonomy, and Kirkpatrick/Phillips Evaluation Models

What People Are Saying

"As someone who spends so much time considering how to model excellence in coaching, I consider one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a high-performing coach to be the manner by which they pull the learner along parts of the journey familiar to them, while allowing the learner to push them along theirs. Cecilia is both a leader and a learner, which brings new quality and nuance to every interaction. If you are seeking leadership coaching that takes you beyond the superficialities of style, and takes you into the subtleties of personality, psychodynamics and individual and collective motivation of individuals and organizations, then I would not hesitate to recommend considering Cecilia to join you on your journey." - Steven Webster, founder and CEO of Asensei

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