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In presentations and keynotes, I share new - and time-tested - insights on leadership and interpersonal team dynamics.


Why Leaders Set the Tone

It's an axiom that "a leader sets the tone"

for a team or organization, but why is this so? This

talk dives into the psychology and social emotional

intelligence behind this axiom's truth. It looks at

well-known examples and examples I've seen coaching leaders at

Fortune 100s to local nonprofits. It draws on the latest in neuropsychology,

and brings it home with how this affects the audience,

and how they can manage their own tone setting

on their colleagues and families.

Personal Leadership Practice

What do innovators and leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Tim Ferris,

and His Holiness the Dalai Lama have in common?

A committed personal leadership practice.

This practice sets apart people who achieve momentary success

and those who succeed at a lifetime of inspiring and impacting others

in service to a cause far greater than themselves. The talk draws

on psychology, mindfulness, and the latest in studies on habits and

practices of successful leaders. It ties in my own experience and

the experiences of leaders who I've witnessed grow to lead themselves

and their organizations in new ways with their own practice.

What Darth Vader Means for Your Company

Like the Empire and the Rebels in Star Wars, every organization

has Shadow and Light sides battling for balance and control.

The Shadow side tends to be hidden in plain view, and yet

not calling it out and taking action can lead to exclusion, poor business

decisions, and potentially the organization's demise. This talk

describes the characteristics and attributes of Shadow side,

gives examples, and concludes with how organizations

can identify and work to bring their sides in balance.

Intrinsic Motivation

Why do some people put life and limb at risk to help fleeing refugees?

Why do some team members persist in their dedication to making a 

product or service work even when the odds are

stacked against them? Why would we take on management when

responsibilities we're doing well as an individual contributor?

When we step outside of the comfort zone of the familiar and

into the unknown of challenge, risk and greatness, it is

because we're intrinsically motivated to do so.

In this talk, we look at when and why intrinsic motivation arises,

how to own it, and how to align it with the values and objectives

of our organizations. The talk concludes with a call to action

to embrace one's intrinsic motivation and use it become

a leader who the world needs.

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