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Teams that learn together, grow together.


Working with a team's leader, People Ops and L&D teams, I asses teams' learning and leadership needs and create bespoke learning interventions responsive to them. These experiential trainings level up managers' communication, priorization, and presentation capacities. To learn more about how you and your managers can build trust and level up on critical managerial skills together, contact me at

Previously, with Pathwise Leadership, I developed custom learning programs for technical teams companies that included Microsoft, Apple, and Medium. By cultivating a deeper understanding of themselves, their peers and colleagues, the leads who participated in these programs emerged better able to navigate interpersonal and organizational dynamics - even while under significant pressure. Pathwise has served over 1,500 leaders. First piloted in Microsoft, it serves leaders in Seattle and the California Bay Area.

To learn more how I can support your teams, contact me for a free consultation.



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